Bruno Balvanera

PMCG has been consulting for us both in Georgia and in other countries. I have a list for all that he has done for us, it is too long. You all benefit from new Tbilisi’s blue buses and Lekso and his team have been developing the female workforce working in the company, which is very important objective of EBRD gender equality. You have also been implementing a number of projects for us in Moldova, in Belarus.

You export the success of Georgia. You are the product of the export of the country and I think we should all be proud of you. In addition to that, PMCG has been a client of our technical advisory group. We have helped you long time ago when you were initiating with your company and more recently in a kind of turnaround and be more strategic mindset to position you as the next generation of consulting company in the world.





Bruno Balvanera
Director for the Caucasus, Moldova & Belarus, EBRD